Avocado Bomb

Deep fried avocado, spicy tuna, imitation crab, green onion

Baked Salmon Roll

California roll with salmon, after baked and green onion.

Baked Scallop Roll

California roll,
baked scallop, mushroom, and green onion.

Baked white fish Roll

California roll,
baked white fish, and green onion.

Caterpillar Roll

Fresh water eel(unagi), imitation crab, cucumber inside,
Avocado outside.

Chicken Teriyaki Roll

grilled chicken , avocado.

Dragon Roll

California roll, broiled eel on top.

Heart Attack Roll (no rice)

Spicy tuna, Jajapeno, cream cheese. deep fried.

Honeymoon Roll

Shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado inside,
Kani and Tamago.

Lobster Roll

California roll,
baked langostino lobster, and green onion.

Popcorn Lobster Roll

Spicy California roll inside,
deep fried langostino lobster.

Seaside Roll

Spicy tuna, cucumber inside,
deep fried seaweed outside.

Sunset Roll

Spicy imitation crab, cucumber inside,
Shrimp and avocado outside

Vegetable Tempura Roll

Deep fried assorted vegetables with sweet sauce.

What The Heck

Chef special personalized for every order,
fresh fish roll with crispy onions, and green onion.

Ventura Roll

Chef special personalized for every order,
Deep fried soft shell crab, gobo, imitation crab, avocado inside,
deep fried soft shell crab outside.